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July 21, 2004 by --Gabriel
Penny-Arcade, a gaming centered web comic with a huge cult-following had good things to say about TotalGaming and Brad Wardell specifically.

""...Before I go, there's a great article about the state of the PC games industry here at JoeUser dot com. The poster goes by the handle Draginol, but I have every reason to believe that he would also answer to "Brad Wardell" if pressed - Brad Wardell being the Stardock guy, who I praised not only for his excellent Galactic Civilizations but also the pa...
July 10, 2003 by --Gabriel
Several skinners here at Wincustomize have decided to attempt to ressurect the old community skin projects. What this means is that graphics have been release with an open-ended permission to port. Anyone can get involved and begin adding to the suite. Hopefully the end result will be a complete freeware suite, spanning many applications.

C242 has donated webspace and a forum at http://communityskin.neurobeat.net/ and I have realeased the graphics from my latest skin in an attempt to get the ...